Here the two characters move through the deserted, icy Vastness of an oneiric land. They find themselves creatures being torn between life and death, absence and misleading mirages, fortune and emptiness. The flux of nature is mercilessly immense, where the wind sings its laments and silence its lullaby. All paradises are merciless, in a search for Beauty where anything is a Mirror.

Is there any game left to be played, is there someone left to call for, when clocks don’t display time anymore, and no compass is guiding one’s way? Who’s the player and who’s the pawn, and whose turn is it, when civilization has lost its quotidian schemes, and just basic rules count?

In the backdrop of Antarctica, a place where humans have neither roots, nor future, but only a frail and temporary presence always at risk, all questions inevitably lead to humbleness.

A VestAndPage production

In co-production with DNA Dirección Nacional del Antártico, Buenos Aires and Thetis Spa, Venice.

Presented by Zonadeartenacción, Residencias del Sur and SpinConectora.

Argentina / Italy / Germany, 2012

HD digital / DVD PAL, 00:45:42, color, stereo, 16:9, English with subtitles in Spanish

Concept, Performances, Camera: Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes

Post-production and editing: Verena Stenke

Text: Andrea Pagnes, Laura Bucciarelli, Aisha Ryannon Pagnes

Text Assistance: Gaston Lacombe

Spanish Translation: Roberto Ruiz

With a soundscape composed by music of Zai Kuning, Angie Seah, Black Sea Hotel and recordings of Weddell seal callings under the ice by the courtesy of Douglas Quin.

sin∞fin The Movie

The trilogy

    #1 Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

    #2 India & Kashmir

    #3 Antarctica